Christi Ahl

Multidimensional Coach & Healer

You're not one dimensional,

your coaching shouldn't be either.


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About Me

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My services are for you if... (these are just a few)

  • You are looking for creative, intuitive, direct and loving support in your life.

  • You are a conscious and spiritual entrepreneur who is open to all aspects of spiritual practices so that we can discover the techniques that speak to your soul and incorporate them into a longer commitment of co-creation for greater outcome, income and vision.

  • You already have a great understanding of an abundance mindset and incorporate habits to support your mindset but want more support and guidance.

  • You're an adventurer who isn't afraid to share your own intuitive experiences with me so that we can assess and learn from them so that you are more comfortable incorporating it into your daily life.

  • You're open to coaching and guidance from someone who speaks very plainly, directly and knows when to dole out a bit of tough love, with your permission of course; holding you to the infinite possibilities that are inside you.

  • You're looking for professional and/or personal guidance during a psychic medium single reading.

  • You LOVE to have fun!!

  • And finally.....let's work together if nothing is off limits....I promise to bring all of who I am to the table so that I can support you in all you are.

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Christi Ahl

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