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About Me

Ancient Futures Mystery School

My services are for you if...


  • You are a conscious and spiritual entrepreneur who is open to all aspects of spiritual practices so that we can discover the techniques that speak to your soul and incorporate them into a longer commitment of co-creation for greater outcome, income and vision.
  • You already have a great understanding of an abundance mindset and incorporate habits to support your mindset. 
  • You're an adventurer who isn't afraid to share your own intuitive experiences with me so that we can assess and learn from them.
  • You're open to coaching and guidance from someone who speaks very plainly, directly and knows when to dole out a bit of tough love, with your permission of course. 
  • You're looking for professional and personal guidance during a psychic medium single reading.

My Services are NOT for you if...

  • You are not willing to or unable to have fun!
  • Being open to all the possibilities that the universe has to offer makes your skin crawl.
  • Discussing intuition, gut feelings, and how your body feels when making decisions is completely and uttering uninteresting, makes your eyes roll and is a total no-go.
  • Getting intuitive guidance from a psychic medium is just too WooWoo and you'd rather just figure it out on your own!
  • Having conversations about energy, energetic fields, auras, being grounded and connectivity only make you think of your electric bill. 

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