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Single Readings


 Are you looking for answers to life's questions?
Are you unsure of what your next step should be at work?
Are you looking for signs that you are on the right track in life? In love?
Are you feeling disconnected from your loved ones and spirit guides.

 Than this is the right session for you!

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Soul Mastery Packages


How stuck are you feeling? Do you have this dull ache for something more in your life but you're just not sure how to live from your dreamy "all things possible" place in your heart? Do you want to believe that you create your reality including your dream job, lover, financial security and most of all have a healthy mind, body and spirit?

Then these packages are for you!!!

I believe that we ALL have the ability to tap into our intuition to live our highest and best life. Sometimes we just need a bit more intuitive coaching to understand what it means and feels like to speak, live and love from the place in your heart and soul that has all of the answers you are seeking. 

I provide that guidance, assurance, validation, support, and love so that you can use the gifts you were given and be joyous in all things. 

AND if you're stubborn like me...a healthy dose of tough love when needed to keep you on track to your dream life. 

Soul Mastery Packages will give you the opportunity to purchase a number of monthly sessions based on how motivated you are to dive deep into YOUR heart for your greatest support . 

The more sessions you purchase the more you SAVE!

Not only get 1-1 and group calls with me, you will also receive support in our FB Community, email and a FREE meditation CD/download and event discounts based on the package you purchase.

Book your FREE Soul Discovery call and we'll chat about taking your LIFE to the next level. 

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Upcoming "flow"shops where you will get to work with Christi and get amplified by being in a group setting. We'll expand each other as we get in flow and be each others' dream weavers. 

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