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2018 Events

Dreams vs. Reality: You DON'T have to choose!

ONLINE: Monday, October 8th at 6pm Pacific Time

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to be was a ballerina, fire fighter, doctor or cop? So what happen? Did you embrace the possibility of that dream? Did you let it go never to think of it again or is it still in the back of your mind?  

Join me as we see a new perspective on what is possible in our lives.   

Being spiritual doesn't equal being broke and being a savvy business person doesn't mean you can't be spiritual.   

We'll discuss the 4 stages of "Reality" and how to incorporate and reacquaint yourself with your dreams.  

During the discussion Christi will provide direct channeled/intuitive coaching and support for those that want it. 

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here: Buy Now 

The log in information will be provided after purchase.

Limitless Soul Integration Community

ONLINE: Wednesday, October 10th at 6pm Pacific Time

6 Week  Support Community

Explore your limitlessness and your soul’s language so that your dreams become your reality and they don’t fall by the wayside AGAIN!! 

Having the support of a community that is encouraged by the success of others, as we understand and put into practice a soul-FULL way of collaborating for our Dream Reality and the Dream Reality of others. 

You will meet twice in October and 4 times in November for live group coaching from Christi. Continued support will also be available daily from Christi and your fellow integrators in a private Facebook group beginning October 10th. 

The dates are Wednesday Oct. 10 & 17 and each Wednesday in November at 6pm Pacific Time

Don’t worry if you miss a live call. They will be recorded so that you can listen back any time you like. 

Follow your dreams and get the support you have been waiting for. 

Cost: $111 

Buy Now


This community is a continuation of support from Christi’s talk: Dreams vs. Reality: You DON’T have to choose!

**It is recommended but NOT required to attend Dreams vs. Reality first. 

All links and community information will be provided after purchase.

6 Week  Support launches 

2018 Retreats

About the retreat from my heart

Here from me the feeling my heart wants to bring to the retreat for you and who I would love to join me in the beautiful space. 

Join Us

~Come as you are~ Leave as a soul on purpose ~October 25th-29th


Welcome to the deepest parts of your soul.

You're invited to be a part of this inaugural transformational retreat. 

This is a gathering of likeminded women whom I endeavor to support in their transformation back into themselves. 

Do you want to live from your heart and soul with passion?

Do you get stuck in the circumstances of your life?


~Experience the feeling of being fully seen by yourself and others.

~Expand who you are and how you show up in your life.

~Activate and Amplify your intuition 

~Learn to move your reality through moving your body with Tai Chi.


We will focus on being fully present, reacquainting ourselves with what it feels like to joyfully experience a healing and nurturing community. Our main focus is to refuel our spiritual tanks and flush out an unnecessary baggage so that we can experience a mind-blowing way to support first ourselves and then each other.

Your Destination

Fox Haven Organic Farm & Learning Center

Fox Haven is a farm, ecological retreat, learning center, and wildlife sanctuary situated in the rolling Piedmont hills of central Maryland.  One of the recently renovated farm houses will be our sanctuary during our retreat were we will be inspired by each other and our surroundings. 

There are areas outdoors where you can reflect, relax and explore the grounds. 

This gorgeous farm is within a one hour drive of Washington DC and Baltimore. 

Over the Course of the Retreat

~You will reclaim  and/or reform your vision for your future from the deepest parts of your heart.

~ Rediscover the unquestionable feeling of speaking from your place of truth and knowingness.

~Dive deep into the pool of infinite possibilities as we collectively support each others intentions of joy, peacefulness and calm, just to name of few.

~Have a heart centered dialog with the darkest parts of ourselves not to fix or banish but to love, honor, hold and cherish so that we may release our old stories.

~Laugh and be joyful in the simplest of moments as we learn the principles and techniques of tai chi so that we are more connected to the movements of our body and the energy contained there.

~Be mindful as we learn to be one with our psychic awareness so that we can incorporate it into our daily lives with clarity and consistently.

~Be open to YOUR connection to the spirit world and all that your loved ones have to offer as guidance and love. 

 If you'd like to receive savings you are welcome to pay for the retreat in full for $997 using the button above 


I am offering 3 payments of $347 here: https://bit.ly/2xl0avU 

Please submit all deposits by the deadline.

Deposit ($300) DEADLINE: August 15, 2018. Submit here: https://bit.ly/2uCZk8W

Snapshot of the Retreat

3 days/4 nights

7 tasty meals

Arrive Thursday evening for Meet and Greet with appetizers

Depart Monday midday after morning Soul Session

Opening Ceremony Friday Evening 

Closing Ceremony Sunday Evening 

Retreat Breakdown


Meet and Greet with appetizers


*You are responsible for transportation to and from the retreat venue. Although there may be an opportunity to carpool to the site with fellow attendees from the airport that is not guaranteed. Please plan accordingly.



7:30-8am Meditation

10-11:30am Soul Session

Who you are and who you be? 


Often we feel lost and that our circumstances are getting the better of us. This usually feels like we are disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones. We will dive deep into what it feels like to truly be present in our body as we uncover the source of our divinity and the ultimate source of the answers we seek in life. We will re/learn to embrace each feeling and emotion as it comes up and receive support in the moment. 

11:45am-1:30pm Soul Session


Tap into your psychic abilities

Discovering your connection to spirit and your guides not setting aside that you are your ULTIMATE guide but connecting to your support system that is there when you are feeling particularly stuck, unseen, unsure and frustrated. Practical exercises that you can use in everyday life to support yourself when making decisions so that you can receive clear direction. 


Late afternoon/evening there will be time for tai chi, dinner and our opening ceremony.



7:30-8am Meditation

10-11:30am Soul Session


Where are you going?


How does your new-found soul alignment fit with what you are doing in the world? Participate in partner work as you see and be seen and speak from your heart and learn a creation technique to support your purpose.


11:45am-1:30pm Soul Session


The Divine Plan

Continuing the divine plan. You will again partner up to create your 30 day, 6 month and 1 year divine plan. This isn't about strategy or technique creation but about what your heart wants and when given the freedom what your heart has to say about your plan. Your partner will then support your plan in the best way possible....dreaming even bigger than you could. 


Later Afternoon/Evening there will be time for tai chi, sister support circle time, relaxing and acclimating to your new awareness.



7:30-8am Meditation

10-11:30am Soul Session


Right relationships


Who you travel with in this life isn't so much about the other person but how you are showing up. This open discussion about the relationships we have or want to have in this life will lead us to the discovery of how we feel and see who is 'right' for us. 


11:45am-1:30pm Soul Session


Right Relationships cont'd


Are you connected to your soulmate or twin flame? We will uncover how our beliefs in the power our partners have can misguide our relationships and shining a light on the habit of giving to get. We will learn to genuinely cultivate a community

that supports and encourages us.

Later Afternoon/Evening there will be time for tai chi, sister support circle time, relaxing and acclimating to your new awareness. 



7:30-8am Meditation

10-11:30am Soul Session and Closing Ceremony

The Power to Heal


We each have the ability to support the healing of another being and ourselves. During this final session we will take the opportunity to give and receive healing. I will guide you through the divine circle work so that you may channel healing for each other, your community and the planet. Love, Love, Love <3 



Investment includes: 

~Double occupancy lodging (2 ppl per room) most meals 

~All activities with me

~Option to participate in the public offerings by the farm.


**Time frames are subject to change. We are doing deep soul work and we want to honor the work that each person is doing and experiencing. Please be open and flexible to honoring each persons journey while we hold a safe mindful container.*


If you'd like to receive savings you are welcome to pay for the retreat in full for $997 using the button below



I am offering 3 payments of $347 here: https://bit.ly/2xl0avU