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Do you feel the deep ache in your soul like I do to create an army of healers and seers who withhold nothing, confess all their visions, support the healing of the deepest wounds and celebrate all that we have in the world. I know that you are out there, the cosmic army of dreamers who know that we can ALWAYS dream new, loving, supportive and translucent divine dreams for each other AND the world!

Would you like to be part of this new cosmic army of dream weavers? Are you ready to answer the call and be part of the global collective healing network that is being resurrected? 

During this six month re-birthing process you will be immersed in learning the embodiment of ancient sensual rites, as we embrace the divine feminine and sacred masculine within ourselves and in right relationships with our partners. Your psychic awareness will be stretched and strengthened as the visions of our futures come clearly into focus. Additionally, the importance of communing with the ancestral realm, honoring those that came before us and integrating their wisdom teachings will support your growth as you take this journey. 

As part of our journey to heal and reacquaint ourselves with all that is and all that will be our time together will be sacredly reinforced with whale and dolphin medicine as we travel to Panama for our Ancient Wisdom Retreat in July 2018.

Let's stand together as part of the ancient remembering for our planet and each other.

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